MPG makes a wide variety of custom-made enclosures to suit any need. Each design and build is made to individual client specifications and have very few limitations. Our enclosures have been used in automotive, optics, medical, manufacturing, inspection, electronics, and display applications. We have made Clean Rooms to help diagnose and build sensitive electronic equipment; Insulated Temperature ControlledEnclosures controlled to a 3°f variance. Sound Isolation Rooms capable of a Sound Transmission Loss (STL) of 35dB or more, lowering noise floors 30dB; Light-Tight Class 1 Laser Enclosures used for serial number/bar code etching. If you can envision a need, our enclosures can meet and exceed that need in virtually any situation.


Clean Room

Precise temperature and air quality. Work on sensitive products and equipment despite being in a messy, dirty assembly plant.


Dust Cover

Keep equipment and product safe and clean during storage or down time.



3 degree F variance over 24 hours allows for extreme environmental control and product safety.


Laser Light

Class 1 Laser enclosures that a completely Light-Tight and exceeds ANSI Z136.1/9 standards.



35 STL means you can keep a noisy floorspace quiet or enclose a loud generator/machinery.



Need something unique or a combination of features in a single project? MPG can make almost any enclosure a reality. Contact us today to find out more.


Each Enclosure we create is designed specifically for each customer and has almost no limitations in size, specifications, technical details, or any other needs that may arise.